sunday, sunday.

After a trip to the Divisadero Farmer's Market & Trader Joe's, I had all the fixing for sunday funday. While for some that might involve a tall can and a sports game on the big screen, but for me it consists of kombucha and homemade cheese.

Last week I received my very first baby Scoby, (starter kombucha culture,) and I am very excited to see how my first batch of turns out. Finger's crossed-

To continue with my day of "firsts," I decided to give cheese making a whirl. It really is much easier than you could imagine. Simply milk &
vinegar. You may add salt and/or herbs and spices for variations. I used goat's milk, apple cider vinegar, sea salt and some fresh basil I bought at the farmer's market this morning. Next I want to do some experimenting with different types of vinegars.

P R O C E D U R E :

Simmer the goat's milk to 185º. Turn off the burner and l
et the milk reduce to 100º.

Stir in vinegar until the milk coagulates and forms small curds. Pour the mixture into a cloth-lined strainer.

The whey will strain and you are left with the milk solids. At this point you may add in your fixings.

Squeeze out any excess liquid, twist, tie, and pop it in the refrigerator for 1-2 days.
We shall see how my basil goat cheese tastes on tuesday...

For dinner- coconut curry chicken with blue lake green beans.

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  1. Looks delish! I tried making goat cheese not too long ago for the first time too--and was super excited about how easy and fun it was! I used lemon instead of vinegar, but I'm interested in how the vinegar tastes. Cheers!