a taste of sonoma.

An evening spent catching up with missed friends over crisp wine, PapaGrish-caught Alaskan halibut, property foraged produce, & a pooch, made for the perfect welcome back to california. Awakened to a sun soaked sonoma & pool-side breakfast.

This place's a winner.

{sun kissed morning view.}

{vine covered hills.}

{fresh off the boat alaskan halibut}

{almond-crusted halibut w/citrus salsa & crunchy kale salad.}

{mint spiked peaches w/mango, pineapple & walnuts,
garden fresh frittata w/queso fresco.}

{breakfast of champions.}

{cone-head, Kibo, getting thirsty}


  1. Life is good and Kibo is oh too cute! We indulged in our final chapter of Scribe Cab tonight as well!

  2. Just thinking that I would love love Derek's Halibut recipe for some variety if he is willing to share:) thanks!