love & a lake.

This week will be our one year anniversary at the family lake house. This year has been filled with so many memories, and many of them have been at that very house. Waking up to the birds gossiping, glistening reflections of water & light on my bedroom walls, and seductive smells of coffee, commence many of my mornings on East Phillips Lake. 

This weekend was a spontaneous trip for me. The idea of tranquil waters & fresh surroundings lured me north, Friday evening. From riding up as a backseat passenger in my parents' car, to dangling my toes off the boat into the crisp Sound waters, & belly laughing on a couch filled by three, nostalgia lingered all weekend long. We read magazines on the dock, drank wine at sunset, and conversed about everything from decorating, food, investments, & love. 

Our final day concluded with "our fish monger" coming in from an early morning on the water, flaunting a beautiful rainbow trout in his net, and grin on his face. This is the part where I should mention, the prized seventeen inch scaly body, {which may, in time, turn into twenty + inches, when recounted by any true fisherman.} 

The sight of the silvery skin, immediately got my epicurean wheels turning. I proceeded to the kitchen, to whisk up garlic aioli, fried farm eggs, & a lemony, butter herb filling for our guest protein. We grilled the skin crisp, before taking our lake-view breakfast seats to feast on the day's winnings.  
{It was the perfect meal.}


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  1. And you were the secret ingredient for a perfect weekend!