hot toddy me!

A fun holiday gift: homemade hot toddy kit. It's simple, creative, & fun! 
Customize it with any cocktail or theme for your favorite person.

What you'll need:
vintage wine crate
porcelain pen
vintage old-fashion decanter 
your favorite whiskey
cinnamon sticks
local honey
good quality chocolate bar
illustrated recipe card

Line the crate with the apron. The mugs can be personalized using the porcelain pen. {I monogramed these for the couple recipients.} Fill the vintage decanter with whiskey. Arrange all the other items in the box. I tried the cinnamon sticks with some twine and placed them in a cute vintage glass. You can add any additional items you love. Design and write up a recipe card to include.
Have fun collecting and making this gift customized for you!


  1. Love the idea!

    May try it with CC's Rainforest Lime Shrub (instead of honey and lemon) for an Aussie twist. Maybe Bundaberg Rum instead of whiskey?

  2. Hello! I love the image you used for the hot toddy recipe. I'd love to print one for a party I"m throwing. Is it at all possible for you to share the file with me? If so I will share my email! thank you in advance!